Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Magic Circle Lens RM 26/pair

Specially for those who want to look more natural :)

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Magic Circle Lens
RM 26 (excluding postage)

Contact Lenses: Angel and Nudy Colour RM 28/pair

2 tone colour contact lenses

P.S Kindly read the house rules LOL

Angel Colour
RM 28 (excluding postage)

Nudy Colour
RM 28 excluding postage

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Contact Lenses: READ THIS!


Here are some basic house rules for the contact lenses:

  1. Items are authentic from Korea.
  2. It can be used up to a year, depends on how do you take care of the lenses.
  3. Payment shall be made after confirmation. (Maybank/CIMB/Bank Islam)
  4. Items shall be sent to the customers after 3 days working.
  5. Postage fee (Poslaju) is ON the customers.
  6. COD available if bought more than 3 pairs. COD will be charged depends on the location.
  7. Anything happens during the shipping/wearing the contact lenses, is not our responsibilities.
  8. Pre-order and wholesale is available.Slightly cheaper than the usual price.Email me for details.
  9. Please use the order form to send your order and provide accurate details.
  10. No backouts when order is confirmed.Say it if you're not interested and I'm OK.

Here are some tips for you.Basically it is from my experiences wearing the lenses =)

  • When you receive the lenses, soak the lenses with multi-purpose solution in the lens case, at least 12-24 hours.
  • Make sure you wash your hands before inserting the lenses into your eyes.No dirt or leftover hand soap in your palms LOL! If not, your eyes will be so much in pain!
  • Never wash your lens case with tap water.No way,OK?
  • Never use tap water to clean the lenses.Use the multi-purpose solution.
  • If you feel slightly dry in your eyes, get yourself a lens drop. Mine, I prefer Blink-N-Clean (AMO Complete). It helps to wet your eyes.
  • If you experience a slight discomfort after inserting the lenses into your eyes, quickly take it off and wash it using the multi purpose solution.
  • Take care of this lenses real careful one! I once left it two weeks in the lens case without knowing that the lens case was opened and it turned out to be ROSAK! And be gentle as it is a soft contact lenses!
  • It may can be used up to 12 months ( a year) but I suggest to change the lenses at least after 8 months.
  • Oh and the lens case shall be changed every 3 months ya.For hygienic reason :P