Thursday, February 18, 2010

Contact Lenses!

I started using the colour contact lenses like two year ago.
I admit that it can change your look: innocent,dramatic or even the dolly look!

Yeah,talk about kawaii-ness LOL.

Yours truly (without contact lenses)
Excuse my face and untrimmed eyebrows LOL

Geo Lens from Angel Series.
And yeah.
It is Violet in colour.

How exotic LOL.

Geo Lens from the Angel series too.
Gosh,I must have thought I am an angel LOL.

OK OK It is Gray in colour.

Less exotic but very very natural!

So,I would like to announce that this blogshop will be selling contact lenses too!

And yeah.
It is from Geo Lens!

Talking about the dolly look awwww!

Updates tonight!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[STOCK CLEARANCE] Bluebell Kimono Dress---SOLD!

Yup,it's time to clear the stock! LOL!

Free Size (up to UK 14)
I am UK 14 myself and it fits me nicely hohoho!

1 piece LEFT!
RM 22


Front view

Back View